teaching examples

Internet didactics How to make use of the internet and multi-media to enhance the effectiveness of your classes
workshop structure
  • Icebreaker, getting to know each other and warming up exercise (15")

  • Internet services and their specific characterictics; teaching and learning methods in virtual teaching and learning settings (presentation 20)"

  • Questions and answers; discussion (20")

  • Overview and demonstration of virtual interactive and participative teleteaching and telelearning settings as they have been developed and practised by the presenters during the last four years (15")

  • A practical experience with a tutorial (15")

  • Questions and answers; discussion (15")

  • Group work for the design of a virtual teaching and learning session (25")

  • Presentation and discussion (25)

For one part of this session we will use the chat program.



U. P. Ritter
is professor of economics and university paedagogics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Adminstration.

Claudia Bremer
is an economist specialized in teleteaching, telecooperation and virtual organisations.

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